Enjoy Life!

Enjoy Life!

Clementi Ward YM ROX!!!

Clementi Ward YM ROX!!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Surviving So Far=P

My second apology to all readers=P JC life's really stressful. I would like to keep posting but just struggling to find the time to do so. I will make it a point to post every sat.

My blog is not dead. The blogger is just tired...

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sorry readers=P

Hey all, sorry about my not updated blog. hahas=D will post lots more soon.

Friday, February 12, 2010

OH NO!!!

I just finish lunch and i want to start my homework=) SAD!!! i left my file at dennis house cause it was heavy to carry around in school, also there was no lesson only CNY celebration. So i went to school on fri from dennis house without my file and went home right after school. Now i'm stuck home with nothing to revise.

Sob Sob=(

I'm unhappy

I just feel unhappy. I know i should not. its just that i really wanted to watch movie and play pool. It was a very stressful week so i wanted to relax and enjoy. After the CNY celebration today. I was going to have fun. But while walking to the train station. I had to go home to help clean the house. I was really frustrated. So in the end, i was a very good boy and went home after having lunch with friends.

Still feeling unhappy cause i miss the opportunity of watching a movie that i so wanted to and also play pool cause i have not played in a while. Just finish cleaning the house. So now i'm relaxing. Tmr have more to do. sob sob.=( Okies i should not be complaining.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Basketball Training!

Last Friday we had the Basketball CCA trials for the JC1. It was really exciting as we had played many matches with them.

Oh firstly i was glad that Yu Chen and i had the COP together, otherwise i would be the only one late for training. Okies... The reason for playing against them was to see which JC1s were good players. The JC2s main aim of the outcome was to prevent the JC1s from scoring a single hoop. We were doing that for the first 3 quaters. But at the forth quater, they broke our defence and scored the first hoop and a few more after. I really enjoyed playing training that day.

Little did i know that Miss Chua (Coach) would ask us to do intervals of 1.25 mins around the track followed by 10 push ups. we had to do five sets of that. After the first 2 sets i really thought that i would not be able to continue the other 3 sets. But really thanks to my Captain Jason, his encouragement really got me to endure the other 3 sets. I was super happy when i completed it. Cause i was really going to give up on the third round and stop running. Really grateful to have such an awesome CAPTAIN. Thanks Jason!!!

Okies thats all... Just going to train harder and harder. Must not miss training anymore. =D

COP at Swami home=D

Here's a photo of the our class at the Home XD

The COP last friday was certainly a special experience.

We went to the Swami Home of the elderly on Friday after school. It was our class COP. I kinda feel sad for them cause when we went there they were all so happy to see us. This mean that they are actually quite lonely and i could certainly tell when we were leaving ;(

How we entertained them was by performing 2 Chinese New Year songs for them. Actually we really did not have much practice time in school as when the song started we were actually quite lost as in what actions to make. Thanks to Lena who came out with impromptu moves. HEHE=D really enjoyed it. Next we had pass the parcel game with the elderly whereby a song would be played and a parcel would be pass around. When the music stop, the elderly that has the parcel gets to keep it. we played this for 3 rounds before it was dinner time for them.

When we requested to help feed some of them, i noticed that different food was given out to different people. What surprised me was that nurses knew exactly which food was for who without having to refer to anything. Anyways the feeding session took about 45mins or so.

When we were done, it was time to leave and i could really feel how lonely they are without visitors.

Monday, February 1, 2010

living within

Were the best of friends
And we share our secrets
She knows everything that is on my mind
But lately somethings changed
As I lie awake in my bed
A voice here inside my head
Softly says

Why don't you kiss her
Why don't you tell her
Why don't you let her see
The feelings that you hide
Cuz she'll never know
If you never show
The way u feel inside

Oh im so afraid to make that first move
Just a touch and we
Could cross the line
And everytime she's near
I wanna never let her go
Confess to her what my heart knows
Hold her close

What would she say
I wonder would she just turn away
Or would she promise me
That she's here to stay
It hurts me to wait
I keep asking myself

Why don't you kiss her
Why don't u tell her
Why don't you let her see
The feelings that you hide
Cuz she'll never know
If you never show
The way you feel inside...